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Are you facing a specific challenge in your marketing efforts? Do you need expert advice and guidance to propel your projects forward? Look no further than Ask an Expert.

Our personalized 1:1 consultations provide you with the opportunity to spend quality time with one of our seasoned marketing experts who can help you navigate your unique marketing landscape.

During the course of your session, you’ll chat through the marketing dilemma with your chosen expert and then they’ll come back to you with their thoughts and recommendations for action.

In-Depth Issue Resolution: Whether it’s a branding dilemma, customer experience concerns, SEO optimisation, or any other marketing-related challenge, our experts are equipped to guide you towards practical solutions.

Expert Advice and Insights: Our team are highly experienced in many areas of marketing. Take advantage of their expertise and gain valuable insights tailored to your unique circumstances.

Real-World Ideas and Inspiration: Fuel your current or next project with real-world ideas and inspiration from our experts. By tapping into their extensive knowledge and experience, you’ll discover innovative strategies and creative approaches that can set you apart in the competitive marketing landscape.

Our Experts

Owen Terry

With over 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, web development, graphic design and brand development, Owen is an accomplished, hands-on marketer.

Having managed teams and projects throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific he has been responsible for marketing budgets from hundreds of pounds to multi-million yearly corporate budgets. He brings this wealth of experience with a holistic view of digital marketing and website design to The Strategy Collective.



Owen Terry

Speak to me about: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, Lead Generation

£50 per Session

Kirsteen Stewart

I am award winning fashion designer and entrepreneur. My specialities are colour, pattern, helping people, products and places look and feel fabulous. I have a real drive around sustainable products and the circular economy and reuse of materials which is an area I am building on through connections with Copenhagen Fashion Week and the knowledge and experience of the wonderful community of Scottish Fashion businesses.

My work for The Strategy Collective has blended my two passions, collaboration and creativity. You will find me on the edge of a cliff styling a model for our latest jewellery campaign, creating magic in an interior space, drawing new designs to capture a new market, and building great relationships and friendships with our clients and team alike.



Kirsteen Stewart

Speak to me about: eCommerce, Creative, Branding, Print on Demand

£65 per session

Heidi Cullip
Heidi Cullip

I have worked in consumer marketing for 20 years for well-known names such as Tesco, Unilever, and Union Coffee.

I focus on strategy and planning – knowing what marketing levers to pull to get the results you are looking for and then planning the execution of the activity for maximum impact.

I have experience across the full marketing mix including; brand, PR, social media, communications and promotion. I enjoy reporting and seeing the impact and uplifts that marketing can bring to businesses.

I support TSC with marketing services as well as consultancy on e-commerce such as Amazon selling.



Heidi Cullip

Speak to me about: Marketing Strategy, Branding, eCommerce, Amazon

£50 per Session

Kyle Rushton McGregor
Kyle Rushton McGregor

I’ve been supporting organisations for over 10 years now with their SEO, PPC and analytics requirements. Focusing on the actions that drive results. I’ve worked with charities, SaaS clients, e-commerce clients from small local businesses up to large multinational clients. I really enjoy talking about what KPIs and business goals are important and working back from those to drive improvements in the bottom line.

I support TSC with SEO and Google Ads strategy and consultancy as well as setting up and supporting clients with their GA4 tracking and reporting.



Kyle Rushton McGregor

Speak to me about: Analytics & Reporting, SEO, Google Ads Strategy

£50 per Session

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